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Spam emails regarding SEO

by ES Systems Ltd / February 24, 2017, 2:48 pm / Published in ,
Spam Emails

Every time you receive an unsolicited email sent by a self-described SEO expert promising to unlock the secrets of search engine optimization – beware. Odds are your helpful-sounding new “friend” is an email spammer/SEO scammer.

The all-too-familiar SEO scam goes something like this:

  • An “SEO expert” or “online strategist” emails you with news that he or she has analyzed your website and noticed that it is under performing. (Note: You also may have noticed shady SEO pitches showing up in the comments section of your website.)
  • They often mention unspecified “problems” or “errors” that are causing your website to under perform – but don’t worry, there’s good news.
  • They say they can easily rocket you to the top of Google search results for your most important keywords.
  • You’re told you’ll gain more traffic and more online customers if you just reply to the email

We had a customer this week receive the email below:

How did the SEO spam artist find me?

If you’ve received one (or 12) of these emails recently, chances are excellent that it was not a personal note to you but rather a piece of spam generated in bulk by a software program. Often, the sender is an SEO lead generation company whose function is to collect contact information from leads (like you). If you take the bait, they’ll hand it off to a company that does actual, if questionable, SEO work.

The messages may range from grammatically ridiculous to personalized and legitimate-sounding. But in reality, it is almost certain that no human being has spent a single second analyzing your website on the other side of the globe.

The usual M.O. is that if you contact the sender to discuss web services or search engine optimization, you will be sold to some other unidentified SEO company that will run a quick analysis of your site and then try to sell you on a short-term contract for half-baked SEO maneuvers that build zero long-term value.

Though you may have received a personalized email with your name and website address, the message(s) most likely arrived at your inbox through the magic of automation.

But the email seems tailored to me?

The email sender may greet you by your first name and might even identify your website by name. However, you’ll notice that most of the rest of the message is generic. And though it is common for prospects to be told that their site is failing to rank for important keywords, it is rare that said keywords are identified.

It also may seem tailored to you because, as a smart online businessperson, you are acutely aware of the importance of search engine optimization and very interested in using SEO strategies to boost your web traffic and then turn those visitors into leads and customers.

Yes, it also may seem tailored to you because, hey, who wouldn’t want to have their website pop up on page one when people search for their products or services on Google.

The easiest emails to identify as fake are the poorly written ones or those that sprinkle in lots of extra hyphens where hyphens don’t normally appear. However, others are actually well written and may even make reference to actual ranking factors.

At ES Systems, we get these pitches all the time even though we publicly identify ourselves as offering SEO services and rank well for keywords around “SEO Durham.” This means that any alleged SEO consultant who made a quick visit to our website would realize that emailing us is a waste of time – further proof that these SEO email pitches are a load of rubbish.

Our clients regularly get these emails too, and sometimes ask us if they are worth looking into.

If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 0191-371-2392 or email

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