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Remote Support

Through our in-house IT support team we can remote control any computer or Mac over the internet within seconds. This allows us to fix your issues quicker and you can run your business smoothly.

In order to provide our customers with a quick response to their technical support queries ES Systems Ltd have invested in a remote control solution. This will allow us to view the problem as it appears on your computer, saving you time and effort.

As a business owner, IT is essential to the everyday running of your company. From the phone system, fax, and printing to your own website and more. Your whole company depends on you to keep IT services up and running. That’s why you’re always looking for new ways to deliver fast, dependable support, increase productivity and reduce IT costs – without jeopardizing network security.

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The faster we can connect to a customer, the faster we can resolve the issue and get your business back on track. You need a dependable remote support tool fast enough to keep up with your growing client base. You need a tool that will let you demonstrate your value and the need for the quality IT services that only you we provide.

The Healthy IT not only allows our engineers to solve problems in less time, we can also; support remote users around the globe and around the clock and service computers (and servers) even when workers are away from their desks.

Logging Faults

In the unfortunate event that you do have an IT issue, logging a fault has never been easier.

Call our support team by phone

Call the Support Desk directly on (0191) 371 2392. Ask to log a fault and provide a detailed description of the fault along with a ticket number (if one is recorded). You will be provided with a ticket ID (ticket number) which you should retain for future reference.

Log a fault via email

Email with a detailed description of the fault along with a ticket number (if one is recorded). This will be picked up by one of our in-house engineers. The engineer will log the fault and email, by return, a ticket number which you should retain for future reference. Any updates will be sent out to the email address you used to log the fault, (unless you state otherwise).

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ES Systems Ltd provides a wide range of services including web design, responsive web design (view websites on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads), website redesign, web development, software development, IT support, supplies and more...




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